Offering instrumental opportunities for all singers.

A solid foundation in the fundamentals of musicianship can be the key to unlocking the creativity for many singers. Possible covered topics include writing melodic notation, creating a chord chart, or reverse engineering repertoire. Arabella’s Voice Studio specializes in using students primary instruments to connect the dots. Arabella has taught self-accompanying singers on ukulele, guitar, bass and piano.

Fundamentals of Music

Arabella’s Voice Studio offers beginning musicians the opportunity build their foundation in rhythm, notation and common chord progressions. Singers will step away with a better understanding of harmony, accompaniment, and an overall musical vocabulary.

Instrumental Opportunities

All Arabella’s Voice Studio students are welcome to supplement their vocal training with instrumental and group lessons at partnering studios. Discounted Rates Available. Arabella’s Voice Studio can additionally connect students with songwriting and production opportunities when appropriate.

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