Presentation Design

Presentation matters.

Arabella’s Voice Studio recognizes that the definition is in the detail, but you might not have the time to worry about the little things. AVS hyper focuses on the small stuff, so that you leave with pivotal leave behind material for clients to use internally and for external distribution. Arabella’s Voice Studio separates presentation design into three categories: copy, art direction, and strategy.

A picture is worth a thousand words-Let AVS help you storyboard your ideas. Arabella will help guide from your first introductory phone call to your concluding material.

Arabella is a very talented creative who always keeps up with the trends and is always professional. Such a pleasure to work with her.

Hannah K

Copy: Arabella’s Voice Studio creates copy that is current, concise, compassionate and clear.

Art Direction: Many speakers make the mistake in thinking copy is king, but really a picture is worth a thousand words. Arabella’s Voice Studio holds relationships with creatives such as digital illustrators and photographers to help your vision come to life.

Strategy: What’s the point? Don’t just create another PowerPoint Arabella’s Voice Studio will help you create thematic work that sells. The research really matters. Arabella’s Voice Studio specializes in using software to increase the viability and reach of your ideas.

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