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Public speaking is a valuable skill for every industry. It helps you share your ideas and messages with confidence and poise. Arabella’s Voice Studio can help you develop the skills you need to master public speaking.

Arabella’s Voice Students coaches everyone on public speaking, from teachers to presenters and students with projects to share. With lessons in public speaking, you can learn to project, embody, and create a story arc with all presentations. You will leave lessons with confidence, poise, and a plan for all of your upcoming presentations.

Everyone can benefit from Arabella’s Voice Studio’s lessons in public speaking because AVS focuses on everything related to the voice. You can learn how to speak loudly in a healthy way that will let you speak to a crowd for as long as you need to without losing your voice. This can be especially beneficial for teachers, who speak to students all day.

What kind of concepts do you focus on in public speaking lessons?

The key to public speaking is preparation. Arabella’s Voice Studio focuses on your preparation in three key areas: vocal clarity, storytelling, and presentation. With help from Arabella, you can learn how to speak, how to manage public speaking anxiety and stage fright, and how to create a cohesive vision for your presentation. AVS can also help you prepare notes and plan for your presentations, so you can begin your public speaking path with a strong foundation. If you do not know where to start, do not worry. AVS offers consultations, and each plan will be customized to what you already know and what you hope to achieve.

Public Speaking lessons could include working on vocal clarity and projection, microphone technique, verbal and nonverbal communication, and story arcing your presentations. These skills are not reserved for presentations in board rooms or on the stage. You can take lessons to help master skills for interview preparation, thesis presentations, PowerPoint storyboarding, and more.

How are singing and public speaking lessons similar?

If you struggle with being heard when you speak in public, you will benefit from the vocal focus of these public speaking lessons. You will learn the techniques available to help your voice carry over large spaces and crowds. When you speak with a voice that projects, your audience will be able to hear your message and they will perceive your work with confidence. AVS can also help you learn to inflect your speech to share your message, without letting your words drop off into the wind. You will be amazed at how much more your audience gets out of your presentation when you can project your voice and inflect your meaning.

Can I learn to feel comfortable on stage?

If you get stiff in presentations and struggle to connect with your audience naturally, public speaking lessons will help you with your storytelling. AVS will help you find your authentic voice and Arabella can help you tune your voice to each situation so that you can present your ideas with clarity and ease.

Public speaking lessons at Arabella’s Voice Studio will help you learn the intricacies of speaking in public. You will learn about details that can elevate all of your presentations. For example, AVS can help you learn to use multiple kinds of microphones to benefit you in your speech. You will learn how to use a microphone to amplify your voice without creating harsh sounds that would distract your audience. You will learn how to hold the microphone or stand to the microphone to make sure that every line you speak will carry through the presentation space

How can I learn to speak to something naturally?

Arabella’s Voice Studio will also help you with both verbal and non-verbal communication. You will learn how to send messages through your body language that helps tell your story. After working with Arabella’s Voice Studio, you will be able to present yourself confidently with a unified front between your voice, your presentation, and your body.

What are typical lessons like?

Arabella prioritizes fun, nurturing lessons that will help you feel comfortable while you work on your public speaking. Lessons will be designed personally for each student to help them enjoy their work and prioritize their goals and their personal story.

Lessons in public speaking are available for everyone, regardless of their current level of comfort with public speaking. Novices to advanced presenters can all walk away with greater confidence and poise in how they present themselves in public speaking.

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    Arabella’s forte is storytelling. I worked with them on a human-interest story about the music industry during the pandemic, and was impressed by the dramatic question and gift of voice that they delivered. If centering the human is important to your business needs, I could not recommend more.-

    Odile H Ph.D, Communication Professor Northeastern University

    Vocal Clarity

    Vocal Clarity

    Often speakers report having good ideas, but not being heard.  With focus on healthy projection, vocal clarity, and vocal stamina clients leave feeling more confident in their delivery. Topics can include volume versus projection, the tone of your voice, and vocal health.


    In the past, the rule of thumb was to spend thirty seconds to a minute on developing your hook. Now, most platforms only give you a minute total to deliver your whole speech. Arabella’s Voice Studio helps speakers deliver their unique voice from the second they step on stage.


    As the old adage goes, “presentation matters”. Whether you are a business executive or student looking to present their next case or project, learn to be concise, clear and compassionate in all the stories you tell. Together, we’ll hone in on both verbal and nonverbal communication.