Vocal Lessons

Helping Students Commit Music to Muscle Memory.

Arabella’s Voice Studio has successfully taught vocals to students from 3-78 years of age. Students have ranged from music hobbyists, songwriters multi-instrumentalists and authors.

Damaris Fernandez-Sierra singing and showcasing her musical growth and artistic expression."

Vocal Lessons

Honoring the time honored classics, Arabella’s Voice Studio has taught, ages 3-78, foundational vocal technique that can be traced back to the classical world. Students are encouraged to pursue whatever genre they prefer and receive personalized training with Arabella to increase your range, learn to mix, or for preparation towards an audition or performance.

Written Evaluations

Perfect for students looking for individualized feedback without the price tag of a private lesson. Send in an audio or video recording and receive a detailed report of areas of improvement and possible exercises to improve the voice.

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