Voice Lessons for Seniors

Senior Voice Lessons for the Aging Voice

Arabella’s Voice Studio offers voice lessons for students of all ages, including senior learners, focusing on the unique requirements each age needs. Senior learners will learn strength and control to help maintain their voices as they age.

What is the Emphasis for Senior Voice Lessons at AVS?

As bodies mature and age, it is common to lose muscle mass and strength. The vocal mechanism used for singing uses many muscles, so as you age, your voice might need extra help to maintain your strength. Arabella’s Voice Studio believes that music is muscular. Each lesson is designed to help you train like an athlete to maintain your vocal strength while providing exercises and music that are appropriate for your age.

Arabella’s Voice Studio will also help you keep control of your voice. Just as aging bodies may find that strength changes, you may also find that your vocal control changes as you age. Arabella’s Voice Studio will help you learn technique that will help you control your voice. This will give you greater flexibility, options for dynamic contrast, and a more stable sound.

I Have Never Sung Before- Is It Too Late to Start?

It is never too late to start voice lessons! AVS lessons for senior learners are helpful for singers of all experience levels: whether you have been singing for your entire life or whether you have never done more than singing in the shower, we have something for you.

AVS offers great opportunities for beginning voice students. Lessons will begin with the foundation of healthy vocal technique and you can progress at a rate that feels comfortable and appropriate to you. You will also have the opportunity to learn musicianship skills to help you make music sooner. Arabella’s Voice Studio believes you should be able to sing the music you love, and lessons are designed to let you start singing what you love from the start of your work.

If you have been singing for years and you have concerns about maintaining your voice as you grow older, AVS can build on the foundation you already have. Arabella’s Voice Studio teaches healthy techniques and vocal maintenance to keep you singing for as long as you want to. You will develop a stronger voice and more flexibility to sing the pieces you love.

Are Voice Lessons only for People Looking to Perform?

No matter what your singing goals are, Arabella’s Voice Studio can help you discover a new hobby. If you enjoy singing in a local choir, Arabella’s Voice Studio will help you develop the skills you need to help support your section. Even if your goals are only to sing karaoke with your friends and family, AVS will help you gain the confidence in your voice to sing it out!

I’ve Been Singing My Whole Life, but Have Never Been Able to Read Music!

If you want extra help with musicianship and foundational skills in music theory, AVS also offers that. While you can work on those skills in your private lessons, AVS also offers group classes to help singers with musicianship. In group classes, you can work with colleagues and friends as you learn the skills you want to develop.

Arabella’s Voice Studio offers musicianship classes based on the skills needed for singing, so all musicianship classes and group lessons will be focused on helping you with your singing. You can take courses with the curriculum “Piano for the Vocalist” to help you accompany yourself. You can also explore “Theory for the Vocalist” to help you learn about rhythm, harmony, and music notation. These classes are open to learners of all ages.

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    I have been taking private voice/singing lessons with Arabella for two months, hoping to “find my voice” late in life. Arabella has combined technical lessons and reading material regarding vocal anatomy together with vocal exercises and singing with emphasis on emotional expression and story-telling. Her lessons have followed a logical and effective progression from week to week, and she illustrates her points very effectively in drawings and summaries. She is an excellent communicator, with just the right balance of critiques, challenges, and support for my efforts. I have clearly made progress under her guidance, and the whole experience has been very enjoyable!

    Mark D