Written Evaluations

What are written evaluations?

Written evaluations are a way to receive personal feedback on the next steps encouraged for a singer’s development. Singers receive concise and targeted step-wise suggestions for improvement.

With all of the advice, classes, tutorials, and webinars available on the internet, it can be difficult to know where to start. Often, singers know they want to progress, but need some guidance on what they are ready to try and what they should prioritize. Written evaluations help cut through the noise and give advice for singers based on each individual’s needs. Written evaluations are a thorough analysis of the singer’s strengths and areas of improvement. Singers send in videos or audio clips of their current singing. Arabella’s Voice Studio provides feedback through a synopsis of their recording or video and explicit exercises meant to aid the singer on their journey. The written analysis is in no way an exhaustive list, but one step along the vocal journey.

Who can benefit from written evaluations?

Singers may request written evaluations for many reasons. Many want advice before an audition or performance or when looking to start voice lessons. Others want feedback to help them grow beyond their weekly voice lessons. Written evaluations are a great supplement to students taking lessons online and in-person, as they can get feedback without visiting their teacher. The flexibility also helps students stay in touch with their goals while they travel or are away from their regular practice routine. This additionally serves as a perfect solution for those looking for feedback who are not ready or able to take weekly private lessons. Often, singers need support and direction to navigate the next stage in their development. All evaluations are written in a way to support the singer. Singers are encouraged to ask additional questions and share their success in the forum. This reassures the student while they learn to sing better.

If you have an audition coming up, it can be helpful to know what to expect from an audition panel. You will want to make sure that your voice is carrying the message of who you are as an artist. Written evaluations can help you quickly and efficiently prepare for an audition. Simply practice the audition in front of a recording device and send the clip to Arabella’s Voice Studio. Quickly, you will receive feedback on what you can do better in the specific song(s) you want to offer in your audition. The written feedback will include specific, attainable goals to help you improve and put your best foot forward in front of the panelists. If you would like more feedback, you can even submit a new recording for more future steps. Many professional singers live their lives on the road. They travel from gig to gig and that can make it difficult to have regular, weekly lessons. That does not mean they cannot benefit from the help of vocal coaches and teachers, though. Written evaluations are a way to bridge the gap between lessons. If you are on the road, you can send in a recording and get feedback on where to focus your practicing energy until you can see your AVS voice teacher again.

The Next Step in your Vocal Journey

If you feel that you are standing on the edge of launching your career, but you are not sure what is holding you back from finding success, written evaluations may be helpful for you. Written evaluations are a way to get advice and feedback from an unbiased source. The feedback will be presented in a positive encouraging way, but it may help you find skills that you can still develop.

Written evaluations are helpful for students of all levels, from brand-new singers to advanced professionals. The feedback will always be appropriate for your current level of development, never pushing beyond what applies to you right now. Written evaluations are concise to avoid “muddying the waters” of all of the good work that you are already doing. They will only provide a few suggestions for potential improvement and specific, targeted ways to enhance your practice.

You can trust that the written evaluations will be composed with empathy and an emphasis on your continuous development. AVS believes that anyone can sing, and we will help you achieve your goals.

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    Arabella was a joy to work with. I really love how she focused on my voice and inspired me to be more confident with it! Highly recommend.

    Madeline D

    It is recommended for the singer to share a video as it is easier to recognize any unwanted tension. We ask that all recordings be unaltered through the use of production services. Although, Arabella’s Voice Studio recognizes production as a separate art form, it is more beneficial for singers to receive feedback based on their true voice.