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Boston Singing Lessons

Arabella’s Voice Studio in Boston holds the belief that anyone can learn to sing in any style.

Learn the foundational, sustainable technique that can be traced back to the classical world, while singing whatever genre you prefer. Arabella will adjust lessons accordingly. Style is valued above genre and students are encouraged to explore all of their musical interests in lessons. With lessons, students can excel in many genres of singing at the same time.

Why AVS?

Arabella Voice Studio offers vocal training techniques for individuals seeking progress in their singing abilities. With a focus on supporting any singing style, our studio helps students hone their voice, gain technical skills, and refine their style. Through this process, students build confidence and see improvements in their vocal performance.

What to expect?

Warm Ups

Warm Ups

A healthy voice typically takes no more than five to ten minutes maximum to warm up. With that said, it is a crucial part of the lesson, so that we can avoid vocal fatigue and injury.


No two students are the same and no two exercises are the same. Receive tailored made exercises to best help you improve as a singer. Timing varies, but typically students spend about twenty to thirty minutes on exercises.
Repertoire and Projects

Repertoire and Projects

For the remainder of the lesson, we apply what we’ve worked on in the first half. Students may elect to work on repertoire, production, music theory, or songwriting etc. Although it ranges, students usually spend about twenty to
twenty-five minutes on their creative works.

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Have Qs? Talk to an AVS Ambassador.

Ambassadors are students that are especially knowledgable about AVS programs. Book a call to have your questions answered from a fellow student’s perspective.

I’m a newer student at AVS and new to the Boston area! I work as a medical anthropology researcher, and in my free time I love getting outside to explore nature, staying in for a new video game, all things arts & crafts, and now building my musicianship abilities with Arabella.

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