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Why we love what we do:

Traditional vocal lessons push you through a pre-baked list of warm-ups and then toss you onstage. They focus on “talent” while ignoring the physical foundation of voice.

Your voice is unique because it is a combination of two things only you have: your physical body, and your way of singing. Because of this, you need a customized plan to strengthen and improve your voice. That’s what we’ll give you.

At the intersection of science and music, we’ve created an out-of-the-box program that both cares for your vocal health and improves your singing. We start by analyzing your voice and vocal anatomy, and then design everything, from warm-ups to performance, to fit the real you. 

Let your true voice flourish with our inventive training sessions. Improve your skill, express yourself, and embrace confidence!

Arabella Voice Studio

Make notable improvements with vocal lessons designed just for you.

We get it. Practice makes permanent not perfect. So, the way we design your practice plan matters.

We always start with what your goals are as a singer.

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Our Vocal Programs

Singing Lessons

Singing Lessons

Receive private singing lessons and vocal training to increase your range, blend your mix, and sing stylistically.
Musicianship Training

Musicianship Training

Receive private musicianship training to supplement your vocal training.
Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Private consultations in public speaking, presentational skills, and digital media.

Whether your style is classic or contemporary,

you’ll learn time-tested, proven techniques.

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If you are looking for a great musical experience for your kids, Arabella’s Voice Studio is it. My granddaughter loves her 30 minute lesson. The price is great. Arabella flows easily along with whatever tangent she goes off on. Arabella easily incorporates it into the lesson so that her passion is translated into music, movement and sound.

Barbara F

Our Approach

Modern Styles, Foundational Technique

Modern Styles, Foundational Technique

Receive easy to follow instruction on all aspects of the voice, from vocal technique to style. Today, vocalists need to know contemporary techniques like rasp, belting, and microphone technique. Learn this and more, with foundational technique that honors the classics.You will gain a complete understanding of your voice with practical application on how to find your own.



We don’t offer one “method” limited to one style of singing. You’ll gain a complete understanding of your voice and practice strategies that are applicable to any song and any style. During lessons you’ll receive personalized feedback and exercises for your vocal workout.

A Blend of Science and Art

A Blend of Science and Art

Learn practical exercises backed in vocal science to support any song or style that fits your artistry. Develop breath control, pitch accuracy, and resonance techniques tailored to enhance your unique artistic expression across various musical genres and styles. Elevate your vocal proficiency and versatility with a foundation rooted in vocal science.

We offer learning frameworks, not a one-size-fits all method.

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This was my first ever vocal lesson and I am so happy I chose Arabella. I wanted someone who found the deeper meaning of music and really understood the purpose of our gifts. In my experience I was really able to understand my voice a little more and I learned how to relieve the strain. We focused on agility and breathing which I am now comfortable with. I know overtime my voice will be so much more mature. I really appreciate how much I learned in my first lesson.

Hajiratu B

Featured Vocal Coach


Emet is a Vocalist, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Songwriter from Vancouver, Canada. Emet came to Boston to study at Berklee College of Music, from which he graduated in 2023. Emet is a lover of R&B, Soul, Neo-Soul, and Pop, but appreciates all types of genres. Because every voice is different, Emet’s teaching philosophy is rooted in providing a variety of options to make singing easier and more comfortable for each individual voice. When he isn’t playing and teaching music, Emet enjoys cooking for his friends and watching his favorite movies.

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Book a call with an AVS ambassador. Ambassadors are equipped to set you up for success before you even sing your first note in the studio.


Attend a zoom consultation to go over your goals as a singer. During our chat, we will determine where you are in your training and where you would like to be with your singing.


Based on your goals as a singer, receive a personalized recommendation on what program best will help you improve!

Meet Our Students

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Damaris Fernandez-Sierra’s Musical Symphony of Growth

Immerse yourself in the inspiring musical symphony of growth and artistic expression by Damaris Fernandez-Sierra! In this student spotlight, we celebrate Damaris Fernandez-Sierra’s dedication to musical growth and artistic exploration. Over a little more than a year, this aspiring architect has been a constant source of inspiration at Arabella’s Voice Studio. Witness her musical growth as a singer, performer and how she skillfully incorporates the ukulele into her performances, enhancing her musical expression. Witness the Evolution of Singing Prowess: “By comparing older and recent videos, I have joyfully witnessed my ...
Sierra Cossingham, currently enrolled in singing lessons, explores her artistic potential through music.

Sierra’s Boundless Artistic Potential through Singing Lessons and Musicianship Training

Find inspiration for your musical journey as we join Sierra Cossingham in discovering her artistic potential through voice lessons.  The Journey into Voice Lessons A month ago, Sierra Cossingham began her musical journey with AVS. Fueled by a passion for music and a desire to explore her untapped artistic potential through singing lessons and musicianship training. With a captivating background in the world of cinema, Sierra has always been an artistic soul, appreciating unique perspectives on storytelling and self-expression. “I’ve always loved art in all forms and wanted to learn ...

Dan Convey Triumphs in His Musical Odyssey

Join Dan Convey as he conquers vocal hurdles to achieve triumphs in his musical odyssey! Unleash your artistic potential at AVS! Artistic Expression In Diverse Fields And Multifaceted Skills Meet Dan Convey, a multi-talented musician proficient in guitar, piano, vocals, and production. His musical journey began at the age of 8 with the piano. Instilling in him a deep understanding of arrangement and composition. For the self-taught instrumentalist, "the guitar was the thing that you HAD to do if you wanted to get people’s attention".  He's now captivating songwriting sessions ...
Amanda's Student Spotlight

Anthropologist Amanda Miller Explores the World of Musicianship

Amanda Miller's journey has a unique origin. Growing up on a small farm, she participated in the renowned 4-H program, a  youth organization based in the United States.  The program is dedicated to empowering young people through "heads, hearts, hands, and health." Now, Amanda is dedicating her head, heart, and hands to growing her musicianship by singing and playing! ...

Unveiling the Power of Your Musical Expression with Mark Davies

Journey on with Mark Davies, as he fine-tunes his inner artist-satisfying his curiosity for musical expression at Arabella’s Voice Studio. Davies started honing his craft after retiring from his 30-year career of teaching Greek, Latin, and Classical Art History. His adventurous spirit has led him and his wife on unforgettable sailing expeditions, including transatlantic voyages and Caribbean explorations. The creative processes of music and art intertwine - a connection that led him to singing, songwriting, and musical composition. Inspired by a life filled with art and exploration, Davies’s creative pursuits ...

New York Times Bestselling Author Jenna Blum on Her Dual Career as a Writer and Vocal Student

Meet Jenna Blum, a household name and New York Times bestselling author of novels such as "Those Who Save Us" and "The Lost Family," Blum has captivated readers with her storytelling. But what many may not know is that Blum is also an accomplished vocalist.  In the world of literature, Jenna Blum is a household name. The New York Times bestselling author of historical fiction novels such as "Those Who Save Us" and "The Lost Family," Blum has captivated readers with her masterful storytelling and emotional depth. But what many ...
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