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Voice Lessons for Kids in Boston (3+)

Arabella’s Voice Studio offers voice lessons for kids designed to address each child’s needs as they grow and learn. Lessons with AVS are designed around building the fundamentals of singing while cultivating a lifelong love of music.

What Do Early Development Voice Lessons Focus On?

Arabella’s Voice Studio focuses on early development to help young singers build a healthy, sustainable technique that can be applied to more difficult and expansive pieces as the singer matures.

Many parents are unsure of when is the right time to start their children in voice lessons. Because the voice includes muscles that are still growing and developing, it can be hard to find age-appropriate voice lessons that can adapt as your child grows.

Arabella has a strong background in music education, so she is equipped to help cultivate lessons around each student’s background and development.

Early development voice lessons with Arabella’s Voice Studio begin with the fundamentals. Students will learn about a healthy vocal technique that is appropriate for their current age and development. They will learn exercises to help them train like professionals, even while they are still learning and growing.

Will Lessons Only Focus on Singing?

As students study with Arabella’s Voice Studio, they will also learn the fundamentals of musicianship. Each singer will learn how to read music and elevate their music-making through activities designed to explain music theory and musicianship. These skills are foundational for any music-making and will serve your children throughout their musical lives.

What is the Studio Environment Like?

Children’s voice lessons with Arabella’s Voice Studio focus on creating an environment that nourishes a lifelong love of music. Students will be able to apply what they have learned in these lessons to all of their music-making, no matter where life takes them. Activities designed for the unique way children learn will help each student enjoy music, while they learn valuable skills. AVS knows that loving music is one of the most important things to benefit music learners throughout their lives. AVS will encourage students to sing music they enjoy. At the same time, Arabella can make suggestions of music to explore that will help each singer grow and expand their musical horizons.

What Kind of Music Does Arabella’s Voice Studio Teach?

AVS also offers teaching in a variety of genres, so whether your child wants to be a musical theatre superstar, an opera singer, or a popstar, AVS offers lessons that will teach healthy technique and focus on the music that your child likes to sing. Your students will learn sustainable techniques for every genre they sing.

Arabella’s Voice Studio places the health and well-being of each singer at the forefront of the curriculum. Every student will learn a healthy technique that will help preserve the health of their voice for as long as they sing. Students will be able to sing songs they enjoy, with an emphasis on the technique that will keep them healthy.

What About When My Student Grows?

As young singers grow and mature, their voices will inevitably change. Arabella’s Voice Studio tailors lessons to each student’s current development. You will not need to worry about voice lessons staying static as your child grows. As the singers grow, they will learn techniques and new songs to help them sing through all of the changes they experience.

How Else are these Lessons Developed for Young Learners?

Arabella’s Voice Studio also understands that children deserve lessons that understand the way they think. Children can grow exponentially when they are given opportunities to be responsible and explore their passions. AVS encourages students to bring their interests to the voice studio, while simultaneously adding structure that helps young minds focus and absorb information. AVS tailors lessons to the attention span of each child, offering multiple activities in lessons so that students can stay focused and continue to progress.

How Do The Logistics of Lessons Work?

AVS communicates openly and clearly with parents and caregivers, so there is never a question of what the current goals and plans are for your student. AVS believes that having a support system can help young music-makers progress, so guardians are kept in the loop about what each student should be working on between lessons.

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    My 8 year old daughter thoroughly enjoys working with Arabella! She’s a great teacher and makes everything very age appropriate.
    Kadie N