Arabella has taught and mentored aspiring musicians ages 7-60+.
Arabella's Voice Studio holds the belief that anyone can learn to sing. Singing is just like running. Before you run, you have to learn how to walk. It's natural, but someone has to show you how, and everyone learns at different speeds.
The answer to this is different for everyone. Arabella's Voice Studio offers individual lessons that can be booked at the student's flexibility. Most often, however, students invest in lesson packages (4 lessons). These do not expire, but come in at a significantly lower price for those who wish to pursue consistent training.
Honoring the time honored classics, Arabella's Voice Studio teaches foundational vocal technique that can be traced back to the classical world. However, students are encouraged to pursue whatever genre they prefer, and Arabella will adjust lessons accordingly. Style is valued above genre and students are encouraged to explore.
1.Book an introductory call with Arabella. 2.Attend a 15 minute zoom consultation to go over your goals and aspirations as a singer. 3.Choose the vocal programs that best aligns with your goals!
Get Started in 3 Simple Steps: 1.Book an introductory call with Arabella. 2. Attend a 15 minute zoom consultation to go over your goals and aspirations as a singer. 3. Choose the vocal programs that best align with your goals!
Arabella Berman received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Spanish with a minor in music from Northeastern University (2020). Additionally, she simultaneously completed her vocal styles certification from Berklee University (2021). She is currently enrolled at Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions.
Find someone who shares in your joy, and believes in your ability to not only grow as a speaker or singer but as a person. I promise they are interrelated. Ask yourself: Do I feel good about this process? Do I step away feeling proud of what I accomplished, and ready for more?
Arabella's teaching stems from her passion to not only be a perpetual learner, but to share her curiosity with the world. She shares the philosophy educate, create.