Fundamentals of Music

The fundamentals of music theory is designed to answer the “why and how” it all work. Theory can often seem evasive and imperative; when in reality, it’s simply a way to support what singers already intrinsically know. Arabella’s Voice Studio provides a pragmatic approach to the foundations of musicianship training. Topics explored can range from rhythm, notation, chord progressions, reading lead sheets, and more. Students emerge with a better understanding of how to lead a band, compose music, and rehearse more effectively.

“Working with Arabella has been very helpful. She has been very professional in her teaching and communicates well what she is wanting to convey. She makes it very easy to try new techniques and gives constructive feedback as she works with you to perfect your skills.”-Sonia S

Below are possible theory topics to talk about in lessons. It is by no means a curriculum or an exhaustive list of things you must cover. They are simply suggestions of material to explore.

Topics to Talk About:

  • Rhythm: pulse, note values, meter, time signatures
  •  Notation: letter names, scale degrees, solfège
  •  Major and Minor Scales: identifying relative and parallel keys
  • Triads and Inversions: intervals
  • Voice Leading
  • Seventh Chords
  • Sight Reading: lead sheets, writing and reading charts, form, identifying musical patterns and cliches

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