Group Lessons for Singers

Music Classes Designed for the Singer

Group lessons are the perfect opportunity to improve your musicianship without taking time from individual lessons. Group lessons focus on collaboration and practical musical skills. Collaboration is one of the key foundations of group music lessons. The classes are run in groups so students can support one another and share what they are learning. Each singer can come in and build camaraderie with others based on the shared language of music. This group function creates a low-pressure environment where students can progress both together and individually. Group lessons offer virtual music lessons to help minimize your commute and maximize your music-making.

The other emphasis of group music lessons is targeting the musicianship skills you need to fulfill your creative desires. Group music classes can help you learn to accompany or

produce your songs. When you take group music classes with AVS, you can let the instructor know what your individual goals are as a musician. The class can then help focus on ways to collaborate and help you achieve milestones.

How can group lessons help me as a singer?

Group music lessons are designed with singers in mind. Singers often require different musicianship skills than a standard music theory class covers. AVS tailors the group lessons to the music theory, piano, and production skills that singers need, without spending time on repetitive theory lessons that do not directly apply to their goals for music-making. Targeted group lessons are also a way to maximize your learning. You can learn from your colleagues and you will save time on individual lessons. Supplementing your private lessons with group classes will help you grow exponentially toward your music-making goals. As a singer, you must know the skills needed to read sheet music, play your pieces, and produce music at a high level. Group music lessons target the skills each singer needs to excel, regardless of the genre in which the singer specializes.


What group classes do you offer?

AVS Group Lessons introduce “piano for the vocalist” and “theory for the vocalist,” which teach practical musicianship skills that directly apply to the songs you want to play and sing. In these classes, you get playing right away. Arabella’s Voice Studio holds the belief that learning comes from playing. Students learn the main concepts of each class by using the classics and top-hit songs they know and love.

“Piano for the Vocalist” focuses on progressive piano lessons to help singers play all of their favorite songs. The workbook offers suggestions for how to begin a piece, so you can immediately start playing. Throughout the book, ideas are offered for how a student can increase the complexity of the piece. Students can choose their level of comfort and ability. The workbook also introduces music theory concepts, so you can understand musicianship from real-world examples in the songs you want to play and sing.

Theory for the Vocalist

Theory for the Vocalist

Designed for singers, “Theory for the Vocalist” answers the “why and how” it all works. Students will build their foundations in rhythm, notation, and common chord progressions. Singers will step away with an understanding of harmony, notation, and an overall musical vocabulary.
Piano for the Vocalist

Piano for the Vocalist

Want to accompany yourself in the practice room or on stage? Designed for singers, “Piano for vocalists” helps singers learn to design their own warm ups and learn the basics of accompaniment. Concepts include building warm ups from scales, identifying chords, and comping patterns.
Build Your Own Practice Routine

Build Your Own Practice Routine

This “build your own class” answers the “How do I practice question?”. Concepts include the ABC’s on when to use what exercise and how to build them, and the what, where, and why of practicing. Students will collaborate on building their own lessons.

How are AVS group classes different from other studio classes?

Because AVS group classes are targeted at singers, the classes are efficient to help you avoid unnecessary filler exercises and skills that are not directly related to your work. This will help you maximize your time in the lessons, so you can focus on music-making. From day one in group lessons, you will be directly interacting with the music you enjoy. Each class will be focused on learning the skills needed to play the songs you want to play, whether you like jazz, musical theatre, pop, country, or any other genre. You will also love hearing the music your classmates love. You will grow from the multi-disciplinary, cross-genre approach to music education.

You can come in with whatever skills you have and learn to make music with the people around you. The welcoming, collaborative environment will help you embrace the energy and strength that comes from working with other musicians. All of the group classes at AVS are taught by professionals who care about seeing their students grow. Through the group setting, students can learn in a low-pressure, collaborative environment. Yet, no student will be overlooked. Each student in the group classes will still be able to set and achieve individual goals related to their personal development. Try out the AVS group classes today. You will find friends and learn the valuable skills you need to help you excel in all of your musical aspirations.

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All group classes are virtual, so instruments are a requirement for some classes. Students are encouraged to take advantage of partner discounts at Please reach out to for assistance.


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    Attended one of Arabella’s singer workshops and it was such a safe, diverse, and lovely space to engage with other singers/musicians!

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